Novatech 2013

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8th International Conference Novatech, Lyon 2013

Dynamic adaptation of urban water infrastructure in repsonse to a changing environment

Christian Mikovits, Alrun Jasper-Toennies, Matthias Huttenlau, Thomas Einfalt, Wolfgang Rauch, Manfred Kleidorfer


As the average live-span of sewer networks is several centuries, planning and adaptation has to be done in a predictive way. To not only address current problems it is crucial to assess future conditions. Urbanization, together with climate change, is influencing the performance of urban drainage systems. Therefore a framework for an integrated consideration of city development and climate change will be developed. Within this framework city development and climate change will be simulated to give projections until the year 2030, respectively a prognosis until 2050. Hence, instead of costly build - rebuild cycles, dynamic adaptation can be applied in the future in order keep urban drainage performance on a high level. First results give an indication that simulation and projection of societal changes (e.g. land consumption per person) have to be considered together with changes in population and / or climate as all those effects impact the drained paved area and consequently the peak runoff entering the sewer system within the catchment.