Adaptation Futures 2014

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Third International Climate Change Adaptation Conference ‘Adaptation Futures 2014’. Fortaleza Ceará

Risk-based decision-support for Climate Change Adaptation of the Urban Water Infrastructure in the Alpine City of Innsbruck, Austria

Matthias Huttenlau, Christian Mikovits, Manfred Kleidorfer, Alrun Japser-Tönnies, Thomas Einfalt, Wolfgang Rauch


In the general context of floods urban flooding is a rapidly emerging risk and global phenomenon. In contrast to the widespread opinion that urban flooding is a phenomenon of urban agglomerations in emerging and developing countries, urban flooding happens fairly frequently throughout Europe. In order to face this emerging situation, decision makers and the public must be informed and addressed about the current situation and potential pathways of the complex future. Based on comparable risk studies Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) measures with specific focus on urban-flooding can be implemented.
The presented study is conducted in the Alpine City of Innsbruck, which was several times affected by small and medium scale urban flooding events. The city is characterised by very high relief energy of the surrounding mountain chains, frequent occurrence of heavy precipitation events, an almost exhausted potential for further settlement development, and a significant growing pressure due to population growth and socio-economic changes. Thus, critical system performance and the selection of efficient adaptation measures of the infrastructure must be analysed and assessed. As critical situations can nevertheless happen with appropriate adaptation measures of the water system further preventive DRR and CCA measures must be implemented on the surface.