European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2014

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European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2015, København

Challenges for the urban water infrastructure through city development and climate change adaptation in the context of urban flood risk

Matthias Huttenlau, Christian Mikovits, Alrun Jasper-Toennis, Manfred Kleidorfer, Thomas Einfalt, Heiko Kinzel, Michiko Hama, Wolfgang Rauch


Networks of infrastructures like the sewer system or water support facilities are characterized through a long life cycle over decades. Foresighted planning and the assessment of future dynamics and changes of boundary conditions are of central importance for sustainable settlement development. Climate change and settlement developments can sustainably influence existing systems and thus it is necessary to develop and implement adaptation measures. Urban flooding is a rapidly emerging risk and global phenomenon. In order to face this emerging situation, decision makers and the general public has to be informed and addressed about the current situation and potential pathways of the complex future to develop and implement appropriate adaptation strategies. Within the presented study a coupled modelling and analysis framework focusing on urban flood risk was developed and implemented. The framework is embedded as decision-support-system in a dynamic Web-GIS application, which will be available for decision makers and the public.