About The Project

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What is DynAlp

With the challenges posed by climate change, a point has been reached, where adaptation of urban water infrastructure and management is paramount for sustainable future development of urban areas. In the project, DynAlp, the potential impact of climate change and city development on urban water infrastructure (and its development/adaptation) is analysed. The aim of this project is to develop and apply a strategic planning tool for integrated consideration of climate change and city development in view of planning urban water infrastructure. The outcome will be a comprehensive climate change impact and adaptiveness assessment. The evaluation of adaptation strategies and its visualization enables the preparation of commented vulnerability and risk maps as a decision support system for planning, adaptation and mitigation strategies.


University of Innsbruck
Located in the heart of the Alps, the University of Innsbruck offers the best conditions for successful research and teaching, and international rankings confirm the University’s leading role in basic research.
Hydro&meteo GmbH&Co KG
hydro&meteo is located in Lübeck and provides data and analysis of radar data, time series, climate studies especially for modelling purposes.
alps GmbH
alpS is a leading research institutation for climate change adaptation and a spearhead of innovative adaptation in mountain regions.
hydro IT
As an internationally active company hydro IT is a perfekt partner for development of software in the field of environmental sciences.