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Climate Change

Off considerable relevance for the performance of sewer systems are extreme, locally heterogeneous rainfall events. Special challenges and difficulties result from the alpine environment with strong orographic effects. In the project an ensemble of new RCM runs with a grid size of 10kmx10km have been used as basis for an empirical statistical downscaling procedure.

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Urban Development

The simulation of city development and changes in land use is a troublesome and data intense task. Additionally existing urban development models do not allow for easy integration of the results to urban drainage models. Especially for small cities the effort to use such software is not feasible. To circumvent these problems a new urban development model was developed. It is designed for a fast setup, low data need and swift integration with consecutive models.

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Urban Drainage

To simulate the response of the sewer system on the changes, data and models are coupled with the established hydrodynamic model SWMM (Gironás et al. 2010). As indicators for the sewer system performance changes in flooding volume and combined sewer overflow volume have been chosen.

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Risk & Adaptation

Identification of urban regions at pluvial flooding risk, vulnerability and risk analysis and further strategies to adapt urban drainage infrastructure.

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The DynAlp approach generates a high-dimensional simulation parameter space. The resulting data sets that cannot be evaluated manually and cannot be communicated to an outside audience without proper processing. An insightful analysis of the dynamic processes and determination of the significant correlations in time and space had to be done and the results must be presented to allow the contents to be viewed showing the full potential of the project.

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Review, assessment and enhancement of strategies to adapt urban drainage infrastructure based on the results from WP06 and consequently on changing conditions due to climate change and urban development.

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