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  • DONE ftscheik: Kanman
  • DONE SWMM Grobnetz finish done: Stauraumkanal Rennweg added storage + junctions: 404m2*2.4m -> storage_curve done: Umgehungskanal Flächen reduced A-323: 13.975->2 added new A w/11.975 slope: 0.00175 done: Inndüker & Extension Silldüker done: Speicherbecken KA (already in old model Karen Report)

  • DONE Report on Population Data in an around Innsbruck
  • DONE Expose & Lecture Modules
  • DONE Flyer DynAlp for Government laut Vorlage (z.b. Achilles, Softsen)
  • DONE CCWI Abstract Ideas: urban development population growth automatic development water infrastructure generation (MM)
  • DONE Innsbruck Datenwunschliste


  • DONE curich: DynaMind Model: started
  • DONE Newcastle Data Collection done attractors done population data: ok done development areas / free space
  • DONE Expose refurbish
  • DONE Data Report follow up
  • DONE DynaMind - Devel Templates density (1,2,3) type (commercial, residential, industry, mix-comres, mix-comind, special) year
  • DONE CCWI: for all scenarios: subc -> raster and data for all 2000,2010,2020,2030 graphs: raster plot and total (spreadsheet) swwm simulation for all s
  • TODO detailed Ibk-Grobnetz Description
  • TODO Wasserstandsmessungen
  • TODO Klimatag - Vortrag
  • TODO P8 Clemens - UrbanBeats->DynaMind
  • DONE ICUD - FTG Intro/Methods
  • TODO ICUD - DynaWeb done Grafiken done Intro done Methods
  • TODO Newcastle finish done Openstreetmap clean done Tyndall public done Tyndall street done Scenarios done landuse
  • TODO UD Dynamind Model
  • DONE Waterfootprint Comments (3.5.4 Table 6)
  • TODO hail simulation w\ orifices in SWMM
  • TODO Hystem-Extran -> SWMM (DynaMind Importer)
  • TODO Conference Hydroinformatics Paper (03-31)
  • TODO Conference ICUD Paper (03-15) -> Refurbish Paper: Journal Hydroinformatics