DynAlp — a project about the influences of climate change and city development on the urban drainage system.

BIG NEWS: The Visualisation is online!

Climate Change

Climate Change is an essential part within the DynAlp Project. Research focuses on heavy rainfall events under Alpine conditions.

Urban Development

Together with Climate change Urban Development is an important driver for the water infrastructure. A model to simulate city growth is developed.

Urban Drainage

Urban drainage is crucial to provide a high standard of living. Hence a hydrodynamic model of the sewer system provides data for further analysis.

Risk & Adaptation

Identification of urban regions at pluvial flooding risk, vulnerability and risk analysis and further strategies to adapt urban drainage infrastructure.


State of the art visualisation within a web application is provided. Elements of the workflow and benchmarking results are administered via the web.

Highlights & Future

Find out about project highlights, special simulations performed and steps planned for the future


University of Innsbruck - Unit for Environmental Egineering

hydro & meteo GmbH & Co KG

alpS GmbH

hydro-IT Gmbh


DynAlp uses DynaMind

The DynAlp project uses DynaMind as a software framework and GIS modeling toolbox written in C++. The DynaMind Toolbox provides a collection of modules and a graphical user interface. It is free and open source software livenced under GPL v2 and can be found on github